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The Brandi Glow

The Brandi Glow was founded to fulfill a mission– to deliver authentic and effective skincare products tailored for real skin with texture, pimples and pores.


Having struggled with acne myself, I know what it is like. Consulting several dermatologists, buying countless products only to find they give temporary results, and trying home remedies from various websites. But more than that, it shatters your self-confidence. But I never gave up trying to find a solution. Then, one fine day, I discovered my first product– Skin Exfoliator Oil, a chemical peel for a youthful, brighter skin. Soon, I came up with Glow Girl Cleansing Bar and Moisturizer. These worked wonders for my skin. I knew I had the magical solution for millions of men, women, and teenagers struggling with acne and various skin issues. This is how The Brandi Glow was born. This was back in 2019 and since then, our products have helped hundreds of people break their struggle with skin problems with our ever-expanding product range.


My products don’t aim to give you perfect skin. But I can promise you healthy skin– skin which is clear, bright and glowing. My skincare company was born because of my personal experiences and struggles. In a way, I AM MY PRODUCTS. That’s why I want to create authentic skincare products that are luxurious, efficacious, and affordable.


I understand that you may feel like hiding your face, so you wouldn’t have to hear comments from people about your skin issues. You apply make-up on your face and instantly feel good about yourself. But every night when removing it, you are hit by the reality of seeing your dull skin. And the cycle repeats.


Our range of products, if used consistently, make your skin acne-free and reduce pigmentation and dark spots. With the healing properties of our products, your skin will be left nourished and supple. You no longer would have to hide your face behind make-up.


Skincare is never just about beauty. It’s about feeling good in your skin. It’s about making your skin happy and healthy. With our products, you can say goodbye to your skin issues and regain your confidence. Invest in your skin and say hello to a confident, powerful and beautiful you!


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